If you and a neighbor wish to adjust the boundary lines between parcels, you must have approval of the Board of County Commissioners through an official Boundary Line Adjustment process. If none of the properties involved in the adjustment (before or after adjustment) is under 35 acres in size, this process is not necessary.

Boulder County Code (click for pdf)

  • 9-102 - General Exemption Criteria
  • 9-102b - Addition Criteria for Boundary Line Adjustment
  • Article 3-203(E)(5) - Final Plat Map (see requirements #4)
  • Article 3-203(E)(2) - Site Plan (see requirements #3)

Exemption Plat Requirements (click for pdf)

The Exemption Plat process typically includes a replat of the subject
lot(s) in a subdivision and is primarily used for simple replats including lot
line adjustments
and other minor modifications.

Survey Requirements:

  1. Title Information: Includes ownership information (list of all owners and interest owners) and title reports for all properties included in the exemption request (see handout provided in the packet).
  2. Vicinity Map: 8½" x 11" map of the surrounding area.
  3. Site Plan: One original plan drawn to scale 8½" x 11" in size must be provided to the Land Use Department, showing existing boundaries and existing improvements, reductions, and (where applicable) show the new proposed boundaries. The proposed boundaries can be drawn on a separate site plan if necessary. Either 8½" x 11" or 11" x 17" may be used for the referral packets. 3-203(E)(2)
  4. Plat (full size): 24" x 36" of the replat of the subject lots (Note: Plat shall conform to all Boulder County standard conventions associated with a replat, including all applicable standards listed in Article 3-203(E)(5) of the Land Use Code.
  5. Plat (reduced size): 8½" x 11" reduction of #4, above.


Example Replat 2002.pdf374.73 KB

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