Any subdivider or developer may apply to the city for a minor subdivision of a tract of land. The city manager, or a designee thereof, must first approve all such applications. At the discretion of the city manager, the city manager may refer the application to the land use review commission for a recommendation. Should any such application be disapproved by the city manager, it may be further processed as provided in chapters 16-16 and 16-20.

General Notes:

  1. Preliminary Plat Optional (16-16-010): The preliminary platting process set forth in this chapter is optional. The developer or subdivider may omit this step and proceed with preparation of a final plat, provided that the final plat must include all contiguous property in one ownership. (Ord. 724 §1, 1987)

Monumenting Requirements (16-20-030 Final plat)

  1. Internal subdivision survey monuments will be established at all road centerline intersections, the center of radius for cul-de-sacs, the road centerline PC's and PT's of curves, or the PI's of curves, and at the end of the centerline for dead end streets.
  2. Monuments located within a street but under pavement will be installed a minimum of twelve inches below the finished grade of the street. Access to these monuments will be provided by the installation of a range box.
  3. Whenever possible, state plane coordinates will be furnished to the city engineer for all subdivision boundary monuments that are within a reasonable distance of a first or second order monument for which such coordinates are available or can readily be determined by computation.
  4. At least one permanent bench mark will be established in all new or replatted subdivisions in the city. The bench marks will be a domed brass cap firmly affixed to a permanent structure, such as a concrete bridge headwall or wingwall, concrete irrigation structures, or other sizeable concrete masses. The cap may also be set in a solid rock formation or in the ground in a six-inch diameter, thirty-six-inch deep concrete monument, provided that the cap is not to be set in sidewalks, curbs, driveways, streets, utility poles, or trees. Each benchmark will be located with at least two horizontal ties shown on the plat. The elevation datum of the benchmark will be surveyed from monuments acceptable to the city engineer. The elevation and the datum used to establish the benchmark will be recorded on the plat and submitted to the city engineer.

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