Generally the Minor Subdivision process may be used in lieu of the preliminary and final plat processes if certain conditions apply and the Planning Director determines that the subdivision is compatible with surrounding properties.

General Notes and Requirements

  • The format for a minor subdivision plat shall conform to the requirements of section 16-20-020
  • The survey of the monumented perimeter must have an error of closure not greater than one part in 10,000 parts and must be tied into the state plane coordinates or other permanent marker accepted by the city engineer.
  • At least one permanent bench mark will be established in all new or replatted subdivisions in the city. The bench marks will be a domed brass cap firmly affixed to a permanent structure, such as a concrete bridge headwall or wingwall, concrete irrigation structures, or other sizeable concrete masses.
  • Internal subdivision survey monuments will be established at all road centerline intersections, the center of radius for cul-de-sacs, the road centerline PC's and PT's of curves, or the PI's of curves, and at the end of the centerline for dead end streets.



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