Subdivision is a process of dividing land into lots or tracts for the purpose of sales or lease. A plat map is prepared by a registered land surveyor, in accordance with local regulations and Colorado state statutes. Replats and consolidation plats are contained within this process. Lot line adjustments, plat corrections, and revisions are not. Please
reference those specific handouts for those processes.


  1. Commerce City has a separate sketch plat and final plat process. Sketch plats are required for any subdivision containing greater than 20 lots. Please see the Sketch Plat Facts to Know for more information on this process.
  2. Subdivisions within Commerce City may be approved administratively or via public hearing. City staff can help to determine the correct approval process for a subdivision application. The length of time to process and approve a subdivision can vary, depending on the complexity and size of the request. Administrative subdivisions generally take about six weeks to three months. Public hearing subdivisions generally take between three and six months to process completely, however, this timeframe is based on the city receiving all of the requested application materials in a timely manner. Large-scale PUD subdivisions may take much longer, due to the complexity of a project. In addition, city code requires that a specific development plan accompany most subdivision requests. Please ask planning staff for more information and see the Facts to Know for Development Plan for information regarding the development plan process.

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