Description of services and when they are usually required

Comprehensive map of ditch including all or part of the information lested below.

Most common features of a Ditch Survey
  • Base Map with street names, properties and ditch location.
  • Horizontal and Vertical map of ditch flow line
  • Section corners located
  • Adjacent Property Lines
  • Easements of record
  • Adjacent Owners
  • Ditch Crossings, including utilities roads, bridges, culverts and fences
  • Diversion Structures
  • Control Monuments
  • Obstructions
  • State Plane Coordinate System
  • Google Earth KML, which can import certain aspects of the map into Google Earth's 3D aerial photo background.
  • Linkable Electronic Drawing, including easements documents, current assessor parcel pages, monument records, and photo gallery.
  • Ditch Company web space hosted by Ehrhart Land  Surveying, containing access to relevant documents, drawings and web links.

Additional Features

  • Engineering Construction Standards

  • FEMA Floodplain information


Interesting and important links

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