Description of services and when they are usually required

An Improvement Location Certificate or ILC is an inspection of a parcel by a licensed surveyor to determine possible encroachments or other matters that could be adverse from a land surveying standpoint. 

ILCs are often if not always required on a closing of a property or at the completion of any construction (improvements) on a property, normally residential in nature.


a. It is not a survey.
b. It does not locate exact boundaries.
c. It does not establish property corners.
d. It is not to be legally relied upon for locations of property lines or future               improvements.

Sometimes the ILC will reveal a possible encroachment or some other evidence of a boundary dispute. In this case, a true survey, (i.e. improvement survey plat or land survey plat) would be required to clarify or resolve any discrepancies.

Important links

Professional Land Surveyor's of Colorado Statute 38-51-108

Checklist of what is needed

  1. Show property lines with boundary dimensions and bearings.
  2. Show major improvements (permanent structures) with dimensions and descriptions (e.g. House, Garage, pools etc.)
  3. Major improvement locations shall be shown with dimensions to the nearest property lines.
  4. Minor improvement locations shall be shown graphically.
  5. Plat and apparent easements shall be shown.
  6. Show the posted address, if not posted so state.
  7. Show the legal description.
  8. Show North arrow with scale.
  9. Apparent encroachments shall be noted and shown.
  10. Reference the Title company.
  11. Show found pins.


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