The subdivision exemption is intended for the following four (4) purposes:

1. Division of a parcel of interest in a parcel which does not result in the creation of a new residential or permanent building site. The subdivision exemption may be utilized in conjunction with a recorded exemption to separate one (1) parcels. A subdivision exemption lot in conjunction with a recorded exemption created prior to March 1, 2004, is eligible for a one-time-only land exemption. A subdivision exemption lot in conjunction with a recorded exemption created after March 1, 2004, is not eligible for a future land exemption. The subdivision must meet the following criteria:
    a. A minimum of two (2) habitable residential improvements are required.
    b. The residential use of the improvements must be continuous with any gap in use being less than one (1) year.
    c. The residential improvements must be continuously claimed and taxed as residences by the Assessor's Office.
    d. The subdivision exemption is the best alternative to dispose of existing improvements.
    e. No more than one (1) subdivision exemption for this purpose may be submitted with a recorded exemption application.
    f. The applicant is only eligible to apply for a subdivision exemption if it is the first recorded exemption done on the property   on or after December 15, 1992, the inception date of the subdivision exemption.
    g. The residences were not originally constructed on separate legal lots.

2. For adjustment of property lines between two (2) contiguous parcels.

3. For the creation of lots for the purpose of financing.
    a. Lots created for the purpose of mortgaging a dwelling unit shall not result in the creation of a lot to be sold separately. Upon termination of the mortgage arrangement, the lot shall cease to exist.
    b. Foreclosure of the parcel created for financing purposes shall not create a separate legal parcel unless the process described in Section 24-1-40, Subdivision or Subdivided land, b. has been followed.

4. For the temporary use of a parcel for public utility facilities. (Weld County Code Ordinance 2001-1; Weld County Code Ordinance 2002-9; Weld County Code Ordinance 2005-01)

Weld County Notes:

  1. No pre-application meeting is necessary for an RE (Planner on-call Tue. & Thu. 7:30 - 4:30 for informal meeting and for application submittal)
  2. Owner must provide Authorized Agent letter for anyone other than owner to sign application and to act on agents behalf.
  3. Title commitment is preferred but not required - a Certificate of Conveyance from a title commitment is required however.

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