John Ehrhart, PLS

John has been surveying since 1986, since 1992 in Colorado. He is the father of four and balances his free time between his family, writing songs, and volunteering as a Resorative Justice facilitator.

Miles Small, PLS

Miles earned a forestry degree from Virginia Tech and continues to demonstrate his great love for the outdoors as a whitewater kayaker, rock climber and mountaineer.  He specializes in geodesy (GPS) and the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and brings comprehensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to every project.

Jonathan Huckabee

Huck earned a BS in Outdoor Recreation with a Minor in Environmental Science from Ferrum College. He is currently pursuing a degree in Surveying from the University of Wyoming. He demonstrates a talent and passion for Surveying that impresses all who meet him.


Jesse Anderson

Jesse has been  surveying since 2006, and currently heads our drafting department.   




Ian Ehrhart

Ian is a surveying field assistant by day and a rock star by night, fronting the punk, surf, garage rock band, The Beeves.  



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