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Land Survey Plat

A Land Survey Plat is a survey to establish the boundaries of a parcel using its legal description which involves finding or setting property corners. A map or plat is then drafted from the field work to provide a representation of the parcel surveyed, an explanation of how the property corners were established, and an illustration of all encroachments and conflicting boundary evidence. This type of survey does not include all site improvements. It's primary purpose is to determine the exterior boundaries of the parcel.

Land Survey Plats are typically performed to resolve property disputes, and for building fences. Easements may also be located, if requested, with this type of survey. It may also be coupled with a topographic and easement survey to achieve a more comprehensive picture of the property.

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Checklist of what is needed
  1. Show all recorded and apparent rights-of-way and easements, note the source in the notes.

  2. Show all dimensions necessary to establish the boundaries in the field.

  3. Describe all monuments, found and set.

  4. Include a written property description, with reference to the county and state, together with the section, township, range and principal meridian or established subdivision, block and lot number.

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