Recorded Exemption

Weld County Recorded Exemption Process

The Recorded Exemption is a land division process used to divide a lot into two (2), three (3) or four (4) separate lots. Examples of when a Recorded Exemption application may be submitted include creating a lot in the A (Agricultural) Zone District for a single-family residential building site, separating existing improvements from agricultural land, and creating a lot in a Commercial or Industrial Zone District for existing or future development.

An Amended Recorded Exemption may also be used in order to change the lines on an existing Recored Exemption.

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Weld County Notes:
  1. No pre-application meeting is necessary for an RE (May have informal meeting - submit application in Greeley) Planning Web Site

  2. Owner must provide Authorized Agent letter for anyone other than owner to sign application and to act on agents behalf.

  3. A Title Commitment from a title company is required by our company to discover encumbrances and easements of record which are required to be shown on the final plat by the county. A Certificate of Conveyance from a title company is required by the county to be included with the application and must be dated within 30 days of application submittal.  

  4. Typical Time Frame: 14 to 21 days for application + 60 days for county review of application + 14 days for plat map + 14 days for county review of map + 2 days for mylar + 14 days for recording = 118 to 125 days.

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